An LL.M. in American Law designed around your academic interests.

Our Master of Laws (LL.M.) program offers foreign legal professionals the opportunity to broaden their professional goals through the study of U.S. laws and the American legal process.

The College of Law offers personalized academic advisors to assist with course selection and academic advising. We invite you to learn more about our LL.M. program and how it is specifically designed to prepare foreign lawyers for the challenges of global practice.

Four Program Options to Pursue the LL.M. Degree

Option I: LL.M. in American Law
The College of Law’s LL.M. in American Law program is a 24-credit program that can be completed in one academic year. Students are integrated into our J.D. curriculum to enhance their learning experience and provide a basic grounding in American law and the U.S. legal system.

In the Fall semester, LL.M. students are required to take three courses tailored specifically for the program: Introduction to the American Legal System (3 credits), Introduction of U.S. Legal Writing (2 credits), and Practice Skills for the International LL.M. (1 credit). Students are also required to take Professional Responsibility (3 credits) in either the Fall or Spring semester. Finally, students in the LL.M. program must fulfill a Writing Requirement; allowing the student to engage deeply with a faculty member, either through independent study or one of the many seminar courses offered, to produce a significant research paper. Students are able to register for courses based upon their own professional goals and interests from a variety of courses such as Comparative Disability Law, International Human Rights Law, National Security Law, International Business Transactions, and more.

Option II: LL.M. in American Law + English-Language Training
Students who wish to refine and develop their English-language skills before pursuing their LL.M. in American Law may enroll in up to one (1) year of intense English-language training at Syracuse University’s English Language Institute.

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers students premier language instruction in an intimate classroom setting, through conversation groups, and with peer mentors. ELI teaches students from around the world, in all proficiency levels, before they begin their academic program on campus. Courses are offered in the Fall semester, Spring semester, Summer Session 1, and Summer Session 2 (the “Legal English” Summer Session).

Option III: LL.M. in American Law + Masters in Public Administration
Candidates who wish to pursue both the LL.M. in American Law from the College of Law and the Masters in Public Administration (M.P.A.) from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School in Citizenship and Public Affairs (the “Maxwell School”) may do so in this two-year program option.

The Maxwell School’s M.P.A. is a 40-credit professional graduate degree designed to prepare students to lead and manage in the public sector. Most students complete the M.P.A. in twelve (12) months of full-time study from July to June. Students in the M.P.A. enroll in nine core courses, including Public Budgeting, Public Administration and Democracy, Economics for Public Decisions, Introduction to Statistics, and more.

Option IV: LL.M. in American Law + iSchool Certificate in Advanced Study
Candidates who wish to pursue both the LL.M. in American Law from the College of Law and a Certificate in Advanced Study (CAS) from the iSchool at Syracuse University may do so in this extended program option.

The iSchool is a consistently top-ranked information school, offering innovative undergraduate, graduate, and CAS programs in a variety of information sciences and information management disciplines. The iSchool offers unique CAS programs that can be completed in full-time, part-time, or distance-learning formats on topics ranging from e-Government Management & Leadership, Information Security Management, Global Enterprise Technologies, and more.

More details can be found on the College of Law’s LL.M. website

Learn more about the LL.M. program directly from our students

Requirements for Admission

  • Candidates for admission must hold a first-degree in law from a foreign, non-U.S., institution before enrollment into the LL.M. program.
  • Proof of English-language proficiency as demonstrated by acceptable TOEFL/IELTS scores, successful completion of an English-language training program, and/or the discretion of the Admissions Committee. The College of Law recommends a TOEFL score of 100/250/600 or an IELTS score of 7.0, but will consider additional factors when assessing English-language proficiency. Candidates who do not demonstrate sufficient English-language proficiency may apply through the Conditional Admittance Program.

View additional LL.M. admissions requirements.

Resources for LL.M. Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Housing at Campus West

Bar Examination Information

“Legal English” Summer Session

International Student Services/Visas (Slutzker Center)

English Language Institute

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Here's what our students have to say

“From the moment I set foot in the city, I felt the College of Law’s warm welcome. What I have enjoyed the most is the staffs and professors willingness to help the students in any way they can both in and outside of classroom. I am really grateful for all the opportunities that have been given to me here.”
Abdurrahman Guner, L’14
Office of the Prime Minister of Turkey

“The ‘Legal English’ program not only improved my English, but it exposed me to basic legal knowledge. I learned about the American legal system and studied the language of the law, which helped me adapt to law school quickly. And, it was great to make friends with classmates from different countries. It is perfect.”
Qianqian Zhou, L’14

“Before starting my LL.M., my professional interests were concentrated on commercial law. However, they’ve broadened since studying international law and meeting professors who have had impressive and varied careers practicing international human rights and humanitarian law. I’m especially interested in the intersection of counterterrorism law, national security and human rights… I’ve participated in a number of activities and particularly enjoyed LIME: an Israeli-Palestinian dialogue group. The student meetings have focused on issues such as Palestinian refugees and water politics, giving me a chance to understand new perspectives and share my experiences. I’m also providing legal advice to filmmakers on two projects: a feature documentary on the illegal drug trade in Syria and its role in financing the war, and another documentary about the Islamist factions fighting in northern Syria.”
Iyad AlQaisi, L’14

Learn more about the LL.M. program directly from our students